Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Calgary's Iconic Construction Cranes

A city's vitality can often be measured by the number of construction cranes that appear like oracles of success and growth.  Calgary has had as many as 64 cranes at one time speaking of the vigour of the city and its promise. 

Calgary's Olympic Park 3

Tours of the Olympic Park are available year round. 

Calgary's Olympic Park 2

The Olympic Park can be enjoyed year round

Calgary's Olympic Park

Located a few miles north west of downtown, Calgary's Olympic Park is an amenity that remains form the 1988 Winter Olympics.

Calgary Olympic Plaza 3

Calgary Olympic Plaza 3

Calgary Olympic Plaza 2

Olympic Plaza 2

Calgary Olympic Plaza

Located in Calgary's downtown, the Olympic Plaza is a wonderful park enjoyed by downtown workers and residents.

Calgary City Hall

Calgary's City hall has married the original historic city hall structure to a new contemporary building.

The new structure did not try to match in any way, but is a complete departure form the past.

Calgary Buildings 3

Calgary Buildings 3

Calgary Buildings 2

Calgary Buildings exhibit a variety of architectural styles.